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About Agro Realty

Agro realty is a uniquely conceptualized real estate in Coimbatore that aims to promote agriculture as top-notch venue for investment.

This concept comes to you as a premium farmland investment project strategically designed to generate revenue/ income periodically. Agro Realty gives complete ownership to the land, that is developed as a gated community with all required amenities and at the same time offers you hassle free maintenance of your farm, where the agriculture is carried out and guarantees you the ‘buy back’ of the yield thus produced. The revenue thus generated is shared between the land owner and the agro realty company.

Barhi Dates cultivation

A Golden Fruit Story

Barhi Dates, the fruit which is rich in nutritional value and capable of generating instant energy, was always brought as a special souvenir from the Middle East. Likewise on one such holiday during the 1990s, few seeds were brought in, to be tested in the Tamil Nadu Soil. By applying the similar Dates farming techniques here in Tamil Nadu which has the similar climatic condition, that attempt has now yielded the benefits.

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Barhi Dates cultivation in Coimbatore