Dates Cultivation – It’s not just about Agriculture!!!

Agriculture which once used to be the mainstay for many people lost its sheen during the industrial revolution. People began to leave their farmlands looking for greener pastures and thereby neglected their agricultural land assets. However, things are changing and people nowadays are able to see it as a good venue for making farmland investment, especially in dates cultivation.

Dates cultivation is a promising endeavor though new to some areas in India. Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu is one of the non-traditional dates-growing region that is taking to this crop in a big way. The credit for bring dates cultivation goes to Golden Groves, a corporate company that pioneered dates cultivation through use of scientific methods. They are also better known for pioneering the concept of realty farming on a major scale.

Dates cultivation – the Attraction

Dates cultivation is not just an attractive farming activities anymore. It has dawned on people with cash, that it is a great venue for parking their surplus money and see it grow. The returns offered in dates cultivation is undoubtedly more than what an investor will be able to reap in a traditional savings account with a reputed bank. It is also noteworthy that banks consider farmland investment as an attractive portfolio for lending money.

Dates cultivation is attractive because it gives regular income and is not affected by seasonal price variation. Moreover with fewer farms involved in dates cultivation in the Coimbatore region and with a big demand from consumers around the year, dates-cultivation is attracting investors on a larger scale than before. The advantage is investors are able to bigger returns on their farmland investment without having to actually work on the land. Thanks to realty companies like Golden Groves, they are making dates-cultivation investment a common man’s venue for parking their money.

Starting with Dates Cultivation

As a potential investor, you may want to ask “Do I need to have technical skills to invest in dates-cultivation?” The answer is an unequivocal “No.” Golden Groves makes it possible to do scientific dates-cultivation without technical expertise. They take care of every process – preparing the land, raising seedlings, planting the saplings and care until the trees begin to bear fruits. That is not all either; they will even assist you with selling your produce or packing the fruits for export.

The benefits of making farmland investment in Golden Grove’s dates cultivation project go far beyond offering chunks of developed farmland. They are also able to arrange a water source and even train farm workers if you decide to join their cooperative initiatives. The advantages are varied – operations cost go down, you gain from collective marketing and finally your investment’s value rise exponentially. You will be spellbound from the big returns you get.

Farmland investments for dates-cultivation is ideal for practically anyone. If you thought that only farmers with expertise alone can do it, you are mistaken. Practically anyone with an interest in farming can start to doing dates-farming in no time.

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