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This concept doesn’t require any further investments other than the initial land purchase price. The initial purchase price includes the farmland cost, the plantation cost and the maintenance of the farm for the first three years till it starts yielding along with the Registration cost. Then the yield is shared in the basis of 75:25 between the farmland owner and the agro-realty company.

Yes. Your investment is just buying the land. The 25 cents farmland is registered in your name and 16 to 18 Dates female dates trees are strategically planted and maintained in your plot. You can visit the farm any time to see the developments. A half yearly news journal will be posted to you regularly wherein you can know the current developments in your farmland.

The manuring, irrigation, power cost, other maintenance, pollination care, harvesting and marketing of the yield (as there is a buy back of the yield also) is undertaken by the Goldengroves Agro Realty India pvt ltd and covered under the 25% share in the yield, with NO OTHER EXPENSE passed on to the land owner.

Absolutely you will have your own property clearly demarked with Plot numbers with proper 30 feet road access to the property which is duly registered in your name. You will have clear title of your land where you will be absolute owner of the property. The company will be making an agreement with you for utilizing your property for date palm farming as a group farming method.

Here you are not considered as a share holder but the relation between you and the company will be like that of a producer and buyer. The company will be paying the current market price for the produce yielded from your farm of 25 cents.

We at Goldengroves Agro Realty India Pvt Ltd are concentrating on the date palm farming which is found to be successful in Tamil Nadu. A research was going on in this for the past 20 years and found to be a success. The variety being planted will be “Bahri”, a premium dates variety that can be consumed fresh.

As the fruit is is harvested annually during the RAMZAN season, there is a great demand in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This fruit can be refrigerated and consumed for three months.

The other by-products are Dates Syrup, Dates Jaggery which can be manufactured at a later stage on getting very high quantity of Yield.

Yes it is true. Dates grow in arid and dry climate, and the climate in Tamil Nadu is well suited for that. In the initial years, it needs ample water which is available in our farms. There are many variety of dates in which bahri is the main variety which we cultivate. It has a good demand in the international market. After three years, the plant will start giving an yield of around 30 Kgs per tree which will improve each year like 60 Kgs – 4th year , 90 Kgs – 5th year , 110 Kgs – 6th year, and after 7th it will be around 250 Kgs per tree. The current market value for dates is Rs.300/Kg in the local market itself.

The project as mentioned earlier is an agro and real estate project. The current land cost of the area where our farm situated in around 50 – 70 thousand per cent. The cost of land is sure to appreciate every year. Moreover the land will be yielding a lucrative amount every year through cultivation of Dates as the main crop and Pomegranate/ Guava as the inter crop, which will almost cover the cost of land after 7 yrs. So just considering the average you can see the land appreciation will be more than 300% after the 6th year.

At Goldengroves, we have our farm of 25 acres (Phase1) divided to plot size from 25 cents and its multiples. In 25 cents the plantation will be around 16 -18 numbers of Date Palm trees. The cost of the plot with 16-18 palms will be Rs.20 Lakhs Only. The cost includes the seed cost, planting cost, irrigation and maintenance of the plot for the first three years. Once It starts yielding the gross yield will be shared between the owner of the land and Goldengroves Agro Realty India Pvt Ltd in the ratio 60:40 that means the amount made out of selling 60 percent of the yield will be the land owners share and 40 percent will be the company share. This will be continued in future years.

Out of this 25 percent Goldengroves does all the maintenance and other development required.

On buying a plot in Golden Farms – Phase I, you also become a life time member in our farm house resort, where in you are able to enjoy the stay in our club house. A small maintanence charge only will be charged for the food and accommodation. The resort will be provided with 3 star facilities with a swimming pool, power back up, private dining, Wi-Fi, herbal garden and all state of art facilities.  You will be receiving the news journal half yearly about the developments in the farms and the company.

All 25 Cents Farms come with

* 30 Feet Tar Road Access

* Drip Irrigation

* 24/7 CCTV Camera access

* Farm well maintained as a gated community concept

* In built adventure club

* Solar Lamps

A team which includes experienced, seasoned professionals from both the generations makes the Goldengroves Agro Realty India Pvt Ltd successful in our venture. We incorporate traditional knowledge with latest technology together in this Project. Our advisors include retired Professors from the Agricultural University.

Our Managing Director Mr K A Nanjappan, aged 60 yrs who graduated in botany is a well experienced agriculturist. Born and brought up in annur ,a place rich in agricultural resources, agriculture became his passion from his young age and after completing his graduation he was fully into organic agricultural development .

Under the guidance of our advisors and MD we are pioneering our maiden project to a successful one.

Modern Agriculture is our Future! Save Agriculture, Save India.