Launching Soon: “Project Polyhouse” – An exclusive project for Poly House Farming in Coimbatore

Poly House Farming With Return on Investment starting as early as 6 months!

Agriculture is moving to the next orbit. Come and be a part of the revolution through Goldengroves ‘PROJECT POLYHOUSE’

Polyhouse farming is a new advanced technique developed for cultivating high yielding cash crops under protected conditions. This technique ensures that the plants are exposed to optimum temperature and humidity to promote faster growth, and to offer better yields. Managed professionally under expert guidance, any crop can be grown in any season and that’s the beauty of it. The government on its part has recognized Polyhouse farming and has several schemes offering subsidies for farmers.

This modernized way of farming ensures uniform quality in the crops raised, and helps the plants to be protected from animals, and birds that normally destroy crops grown in the traditional way. Polyhouse farming ensures 10 times higher yield compared to the traditional methods. There has been a marked increase in cash crops investment in Coimbatore, thanks to the amazing profit earning potential through Polyhouse farming, which gives much more returns than what can be got by using traditional farming methods. This is probably one reason why realty companies are using Agri land in Coimbatore to create more Polyhouse farms that can generate better revenues for the investors.

Key Strengths of Poly House Farming

  • Maximum production from a minimum stretch of Land.
  • Round the year production – No wastage of time for Soil Rejuvenation.
  • Soil less farming – dependency on soil nutrients is reduced.
  • Vertical Farming instead of the conventional horizontal farming – Focused Maintenance.

Golden Groves presents first of its kind “Poly House Farming” in Coimbatore – a revolutionary project that gives you ownership to 25 cents of land and scientifically designed accessories. Included in the offer is a lifetime undertaking for maintenance of the farm along with buying the entire yield! It will be your privilege to receive a twice-a-year assured return plus value addition to your investment.